Yo Ho, Yo Ho

The seas are out of sort these days. A fella can’t just set sail on open waters… There’s… danger floating on the water… and darkness lurks beneath the waves.

Attention Players…

  • Characters will be generated using Pathfinder Core Rules. 3.5 content is allowed with expressed permission only.
  • This is a sea faring campaign. I expect to see swashbucklers of varying natures. A character building session will be held to compare and build an able party. Further restrictions, suggestions and requirements will be addressed there.
  • I will award small bonuses to a player’s ‘bonus experience’ (which is kept track of seperate from the normal experience point pool) for posting adventure logs of sufficient content. Sufficient content means more than a paragraph and less than half a page detailing what’s going on from your perspective, how your character views the events they have observed so far, and what as a player/character you expect or hope to happen in the future. If it takes longer for me to read than the journals I post for Ace then it is too long (referring to the longest ones I post of course).
  • All players will receive 500 ‘Skull’ points to use on rerolls and other various things.

I require anyone with a character on this site to include the following:

Attack Bonuses with main attacks


Armor Class

Hit Points

Sense Motive, Spot and Listen checks

You’re character’s fear (Must be a strong fear and active. Fear of not getting a job is not active enough)

You’re character’s loved one(s)

What drives your character through life (revenge, greed, curiosity, love, etc.)

What you character dreams of doing with their life (conquer the world, become famous, settle down with a family and kids, etc.)


Welcome to The World known as Caracavalia.

Here is some helpful information on the world in which you are playing. Please use this site to make this campaign more enjoyable. Please do not use this site to tell others how to build their characters.

Please utilize the Wiki as there is player content specific for this campaign setting.
In addition, any house rules will be posted there.


The World

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