The Butcher’s Knife [Artifact]

Damage: 1d20 Critical Range: Natural 20 Critical Multiplier: x5

Weight: 14 lbs.

This weapon is a gift and a curse all in one. The blade functions like a greatsword, and therefore must be wielded with two hands. When a character touches the handle of the Butcher’s Knife any and all melee weapon related feats switch from their current weapon choice to the Butcher’s Knife. Only one of each type of feat may do so, however. Ex. If a character has a weapon focus (longbow) and weapon focus (longsword) only the weapon focus (longsword) would switch to weapon focus (Butcher’s Knife). If the feats that are weapon specific apply only to bludgeoning or piercing weapons they change so as to work for slashing weapons, and if they don’t work like that, for instance Driving Attack, and Crushing Strike (phb II) they change to the next most similar feat which in this case would be Slashing Flurry.

In addition, the character will not willingly give up the weapon, and will always use it in combat unless doing so would be impossible (such as fighting a flying creature) in which case the character can use a more suitable weapon.

Also, the weapon requires fresh blood every 24 hours. In the event that the blade is not satiated with fresh blood from a living creature the wielder must make a will save every 2 hours he does not feed the blade. The DC for the save increases by 1 every two hours. Upon a failed save the character finds the nearest living creature with a blood supply and attempts to kill the creature with the weapon. This unfortunate side effect functions regardless of whether the weapon is being wielded or carried in the hands of the carrier or not. However, if the weapon trades possession, the original carrier does not need to make the save until he/she once again possesses it. However, they must try to retrieve the weapon at all costs (including killing loved ones or party members to do so). Only powerful curse-breaking magic can undo the powerful hold the weapon has over its wielder.


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