Blackwell City

Map Key
S Artisans District
T Poor District/Slums
A Providence Hill
F Merchants District
C Blackwell Colosseum
R Sailor’s District
G Noble’s District
H Temple District

A1 The Salty Sea Dog (bar and inn)
A2 The Silver Strand (Inn)
G1 Town Guard Headquarters

H1 Blackwell Manor
H3 Blackwell public gardens
H4 Parade Grounds

Population: ≈ 30,000
Current Ruler: Victor Blackwell
Dominant Race: Human
Major Trades: Imports, Exports, Spice, Livestock, Trade Goods
Allies: Ipati, Asorea, Crina
Enemies: Hasvert, Kharogoren, Radovan, Saint Azar

200+ years from now this city will be known as Nicusor, but for now, it’s Blackwell City. The citizens of this precarious metropolis are very wary of foreigners especially of a different race (i.e. anything but humans and elves).

Blackwell City

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