Population: ≈ 23,000
Current Ruler: Council of Five
Dominant Race: Dwarves (70%), Gnomes (20%), Humans (10%)
Major Trades: Stonecunning, Metalsmithing, Lumberwork
Allies: Ipati, Nicusor, Saint Azar
Enemies: Radovan, Kharogoren

The Council of Five: The current leadership of Crina is an oligarchy. Each of the leaders of the major sectors of Crina make up the council. This includes the General of the army Grim Rage-mountain, the mercantile master Kalea Bright-Shield , director of public works Bronn Throngax, the Lord of East-Bank Daric Grey-Anvil , and the Lady of West-Bank Alrika Olwyn. Each member of the Council of Five votes on a particular issue, majority wins. On some more important issues, a unanimous vote is needed.

The river running down the center of Crina, seperating East-Bank from West-Bank is known as the frost-forge river. There is a ferry service that runs across the channel every day. A single passenger can ride for a mere copper piece. Horses and larger sized creatures can ride at double the cost.

Known Locations

Thog’s Grog: On the road out of Crina. Has good grog, made and served by a half-orc named Thog.

The Rotting Kobold: This bar, located in the northeast slums of Crina boasts the worst alcohol in the city. It also boasts the best bar-fights in the city. Rumored occaissonally to have a b.y.o.b. barfight.

The Salty Sea Dog: This coastal Bar is warm and cheery and typically feels very safe to travelers. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the bar exists in multiple towns that possess access to a large body of water. Regardless, when you leave you always return to the city you came in from.

Gallows Square: A place of public execution, Gallows Square is located in the southwest part of East-Bank.

Temple Square: This square, with an ornate fountain depicting the struggles of the gods, is located in the northwestern part of East-Bank. A fair number of merchants peddle their wares here.

The Frost Forge River: The Frost Forge River splits Crina down the middle. In its center is a wedge shaped island known as Sickle Island

Sickle Island: This island is named such because it is shaped like an ice sickle.

Leoman’s: This magical item shop features many spell components available on the shelves as you enter. The magical items are always kept behind the counter. A playful gnome known as Eogeo Leoman runs this successful business. Leoman’s is located several blocks from the Frost Forge River, about half-way between the north and south of East-Bank.

Russell’s Scroll Shop: This store is identified by the simple wooden sign in the shape of an unrolled scroll. It has a large selection of most spells. This shop is located about fifteen minutes walk north of Leoman’s.

Grondir’s Tomb: This tomb, located in the southeast of West-Bank, is the resting place of Grondir, a famous dwarf who harbored political refugees during the Kharogoren wars.

The Hole: This secret hideout supposed to house the MacKita Brothers is very difficult to find. Though Crina is a city of tens of thousands of people, nobody seems to know where it is. Some believe there is a secret path that will lead you to it, but you’d have to have been there to know where it is.


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