I Can’t Believe I Am Writing This As An Article

There are some people who think that the world is all about them. They believe that if it is in opposition to their wants and desires that it is a horrible affront to them as a person. These people often don’t comprehend the feelings of others, or if they do they often don’t care that their actions hurt others or ruin otherwise good things. Unfortunately, some of these people play Dungeons and Dragons.

This article is not in reference to any one individual or to any specific event I have witnessed or participated in. This article is a simple guideline on principals each player should uphold (including the DM). The bulleted items should be observed by all players, and portrayed by all players. If the antithesis of a bulleted item is portrayed and becomes a problem it may be grounds for dismissal by the DM or the unified voice of the rest of the players. Please read, even if just this once. Who knows, maybe you’ll be enlightened to something you were otherwise unaware of.

  • Never insult another player. Even if you think it’s all in good fun, you could offend someone.
  • Never insult another player’s character. Characters are a personal choice, so an insult to them may as well be directed at the player.
  • Don’t argue with your DM. (I mean more than 5 minutes.) Arguments ruin the mood and unless resolved quickly are a colossal waste of time. Let the DM make the call and move on. A good DM won’t be trying to screw you over. He wants you to enjoy the game as much as himself.
  • Don’t screw over your players, DM. Work with them to make the game fun and challenging. You’re the DM, we all know you can just tell everyone their character dies. That’s no fun. Give those players the benefit of fairness and balance.
  • Don’t tell your DM what to do. You can seriously offend your DM. And yeah, without your DM you don’t play, so if you want your game to actually happen, don’t tell your DM what to do.
  • Always treat other players with kindness and respect. Even if PVP occurs. Sometimes this is challenging (especially when a player does not adhere to the other items I mentioned).
  • Remember that it’s a game, and that games are supposed to be fun. Try to have fun and work with others to have fun.
  • Keep your DM and other players informed if you are going to be late or absent. It is a group game. You would do the same at a job (if you wanted to keep it) so show the players and the DM the same respect for attendance.
  • Don’t yak on and on about some cool build in the middle of campaign. (more than a few minutes is too much). Same goes for ‘your cool backup character’. This distracts from campaign and wastes time and most other players don’t care.
  • Keep your character sheet on hand. Leave it with the DM if you have to. You can’t play the game if you don’t have your character sheet.
  • Always prepare for the campaign ahead of time, DM. This will ensure that your effort can be directed towards the plot and characters, rather than wasting time trying to find the appropriate monster(s) to send at your party.
  • Always treat others with kindness and respect. Your fellow players will appreciate it and like you more for it.
  • Don’t disturb others with commentary that may be offensive. Seriously. Unwanted comments ruin the mood, the story, as well as the relationships between others and yourself. If you think it may be offensive, keep it to yourself.
  • Any roleplaying game is a group effort. Remember that the game is not about you, it’s about everyone involved. Nobody wants to watch you jack off to your own character build or whatever it is you’re so high and mighty about. It’s about working with others, people. If you can’t do this you shouldn’t be playing D&D.
  • Joke sparingly. Campaigns may have humor in them, they may not. Non-related jokes distract from the game and waste time. Sometimes they are appreciated. Sometimes they are not. Use your better judgement. If you don’t have better judgement gtfo my campaign you fool!
  • Always treat others with kindness and respect. Your DM will appreciate it and like you more for it.
  • Always treat others with kindness and respect. Inside of game, outside of game, personal or in a group, follow this rule and your life will be the better for it. Life isn’t about you. It’s about everyone. (And if you happen to give your DM a soda or donuts all the better :P)


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