House Rule Specifics

House Rules To Be Aware Of

  • A character may only attempt a 10 ft. step at level 15 or higher.
  • Falls can only be reduced by 20 feet with tumble before epic.
  • Deliberately falling off a high place will break a bone for every 6 rolled on the dice. for every 10 feet beyond 200 you fall one d6 that would normally be rolled is treated as a six for damage and broken bones. The broken bone portion of this rule does not apply to accidental falls.

The following races playable at 1st level have additional changes to them. Each of the following races gains a bonus feat.

  • Goblin
  • Half-elf
  • Kobold
  • Orc

Banned Races

  • No drow of the sun god. Drow must be either neutral or evil, never good.
  • No half-fey tieflings.
  • No dragonborn were-tiger raptorans.
Things I Take Issue With (Please don’t plan on playing these)
  • Non-standard Human Subraces, such as Underfolk, Spellscales, etc. They piss me off to no end. The world is crowded enough simply by having the races in the PHB as well as the Monster Manual. Adding yet another “human” race over-complicates things. Please don’t plan on playing one. If you want to be a human play a human, not some min-maxed “human” subrace.
  • One of the six bijillion races in settings books, such as Eberron or Faerun. (This does not include Warforged because warforged appear in Monster Manual III as well). In short, keep it to the phb, maybe Monster Manual, or DM suggestion (cause he already approves of those ;P)


Sorcerers have the following changes from the version presented in the Player’s Handbook:

  • Sorcerers have d6 hit die instead of d4.
  • Sorcerers gain Eschew Materials at first level as a bonus feat.
  • Sorcerers gain a bonus heritage feat at 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th level.

Epic Skills Before Epic

A character may attempt to perform an epic skill check for the following skills regardless of what level the character is.

  • Balance
  • Craft (create augmented substance and quick creation only)
  • Disable Device (disable a device in 1 round only)
  • Gather Information
  • Hide
  • Open Lock (move-equivalent action only)
  • Ride (stand on mount only)
  • Spot (excludes defeating an illusion)
  • Swim (speed swimming only)
  • Tumble (treating fall as 20 feet less and free stand only)

Unless otherwise noted, a character may not attempt an epic skill check before he/she/it has reached ECL 21.


The following books are banned from campaign. Nothing from these books exists in The World with little exception. Players may not use content in these books. The exception being a feat that is listed in my Feats Compendium. I will not argue with players concerning the content of my banned list. The reason the things within are banned is because they cause me irritation and/or they over power or break characters. Both of these things make the game less fun for me and other players. Please do not ask to use things from these books. The answer is no.

Banned Books

  • Tome of Battle: the Book of Nine Swords
  • Oriental Adventures
  • Tome of Magic
  • Magic of Incarnum

Other Banned Things

  • Shivering Touch Spell
  • Shivering Touch, Lesser Spell

House Rule Specifics

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