Baatorian Greensteel

This material looks like green tinted steel and comes from the mountain ranges in hell.
An armor or shield fashioned out of this material grants the wearer an additional +1 shield/armor bonus against chaotic outsiders. A chaotic aligned character does not gain this benefit.

A weapon forged out of this material gives the wielder a +2 bonus to confirm critical hits against chaotic outsiders. A chaotically aligned character wielding a weapon made of Baatorian Greensteel takes a -1 penalty on all attack rolls.

Ammunition +20 gp
Light Armor +1000 gp
Medium Armor +2000 gp
Heavy Armor +2000 gp
Weapon +1000 gp


Umbrite is mined on the plane of shadow. It absorbs most light, though not all that touches it. It is a very dark blue tinted gray. Do to it’s unusual properties, this metal is always considered masterwork when crafted into a weapon, armor or shield.

Armor or shields made out of Umbrite grant the wearer a +1 bonus on fortitude saves to resist disintegration effects for light armor, a +2 bonus in medium armor and a +3 bonus in heavy armor. It also grants a +2 circumstance bonus on hide checks as well as a +2 bonus on saves against spells with the light descriptor.

Weapons fashioned out of Umbrite grant a +2 circumstance bonus to sleight of hand checks to conceal the weapon, and melee weapons so crafted are treated as Cold Iron for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Furthermore a melee weapon made of Umbrite can be enchanted with the Annihilating enchantment described below and deals an extra 1d6 points of disintegration damage on a successful critical hit.

Ammunition +60 gp
Light Armor +2000 gp
Medium Armor +3000 gp
Heavy Armor +4000 gp
Weapon +3000 gp

Special Property: Annihilating

Price: +5 bonus

Property: Melee Weapon

Caster Level: 11th

Aura: Moderate;(DC 18)transmutation

Activation: Swift (command)

A weapon with this enchantment does not do damage as a normal weapon of it’s kind. The damage becomes disintegration damage which is not subject to damage reduction. Furthermore a number of times per day equal to the enhancement bonus on the weapon the wielder can choose to activate another ability. The wielder must state that they are expending a daily use before making the attack roll, thus a failed attack still uses up one use of this ability. When so activated the weapon crackles with sinister black light. On a successful melee strike the target is affected as if by a disintegrate spell with a caster level equal to 4 x the weapon’s enhancement bonus. Spell resistance applies. A successful Fortitude save (DC 19) reduces the damage done in the same way a disintegrate spell is, reducing the damage to 5d6. This ability can only be used once per round.

Prerequisite: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Disintegrate.

Special Property: Adjusting

Price: +1 bonus

Property: Any Compound Bow

Caster Level: ?th

Aura: Moderate;(DC 18)transmutation

Activation: None

A compound bow enchanted with this property automatically adjusts the a compound bow to the strength score of the wielder.

Prerequisite: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, ???.


Shirt of Arrow Mind

Price: 6,000 gp
While wearing a shirt of Arrow Mind when you wield a projectile weapon that fires arrows, such as a longbow or shortbow, you threaten all squares within your normal melee reach (5 feet if Small or Medium, 10 feet if Large) with your bow, allowing you to make attacks of
opportunity with arrows shot from the bow. In addition, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity when you shoot a bow while you are in another creature’s threatened square.
Minor divination; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, Arrow Mind (Sp. Comp.); Price 6,000 gp
Cost to Create: 3,000 gp, 240 XP, 6 days

Mask of the Laugher

Price: 3,000 gp
This mask looks like a wicked grin that spreads across the lower portion of your face. It grants the wearer a +5 bonus on intimidate checks. This special mask can also cover the wearer’s face with a shadow at will providing cover so the wearer’s face is not identifiable. This can be seen through with an Arcane Sight or True Seeing spell or similar effect.

Gauntlets of the Fallen

Price: 6,005 gp
These Gauntlets function as a +1 Adamantine Spiked Gauntlet. The gauntlets grant the ability to descend a solid vertical surface by dragging your claws along the surface. You can only travel down a surface, but you can alter your path with a DC 15 Dex check and move up to 10 feet in a horizontal direction for every 20 feet you descend.
Special: If your character possesses the Walk the Walls skill trick you can use drag the gauntlet and run horizontally along a wall by dragging your claws along the surface. If you move using this method you can move at half your move speed as a single or double move action.

Ring of Semi-Sustenance: 1000 gp You need only sleep for 2 hours to gain the benefits of 8 hours of rest

Stupid Items:

|Hair Removal Spray| 50 gp | Pretty Self Explanatory|
|Potion of hair regrowth| 50 gp | Pretty Self Explanatory|
|Ring of lies| 8000 gp | Really good at lying but can’t tell truth|
|Mind Mop| 4000 | Removes Memories|
|Frog Pants| 9000 | +10 to jump checks|

Cooking Ingredients

|Lame Sauce|3000 gp| -6 to all die rolls for 1 hour after ingestion, no save, 10 uses.|
|Iron Chef’s Ectoplasm|2000gp|Varies|
|Extract Of Grick|150 gp| +1 to initiative, +4 spot and listen, darkvision improves by 60 ft.|
|Powedered Roc|200 gp|fly for 2 rounds, attraction to birds, and can fire electric ray 5d6 damage electricity|
|Celestial Yeast|200 gp| +10 temporary hit points for 4 hours|
|Shrieker Shaving|100 gp|amplifies voice|
|Troglydite Turnips|10 gp|make the victim very ugly|
|Genie Gin|450 gp|6 uses. Grants the drinker a wish, but the wish is always horribly skewed or wrong|
|Fiendish Taco Sauce|500 gp|1d3 int/1d4 con Fort DC 16 negates|
|Fiendish Dire Salsa|1000 gp|lasts 1d4 hours, -4 con, +4 int, +4 wis, +4 cha|
|Bag of Ingredients|5000 gp|5 times a week you may pull an ingredient. 01-50% you pull an animal, 51-100% is an ingredient. If it is an animal 01-50% it is dead 51-100% the animal is alive|
|Purple Worm Tongue Powder|400 gp|Hallucinate, get smarter, nimble|


Chain Golem Construction

CL 11; Craft Construct, dancing chains, antimagic field, wall of deadly chains
Price: 15,000 gp; 7,500 gp + 300 XP

Requires 1,000 feet of quality heavy chain (worth 5,000 gp) and an additional 1,000 feet of spiked chains (worth 2,500 gp) and a craft (blacksmithing) check DC 15 to properly assemble the chains. Takes 15 days to make.


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